Book : the Confession in History. Between testimony and memory

Here is an interesting book on the issue of Holocaust denial since it intends to consider the case of the confession. Written in French and German.

In history, the confession was moved from the legal sphere (and / or Christianity) to other social components. So today it is manifested or expressed in number of occasions. The contributors to this issue are considering how the confession may be structuring history. Indeed, they are linguists, literary studies specialists, historians, researchers in information sciences and communication, the latter show, based on the analysis of texts – literary or not – and films – of fiction or not – and / or special events, how the admission of the report or confession is the way a group or personality maintains its past and its future, along with the relationship to the  other, that is, say to those who are the recipients. But while many authors show how the confession told the truth, others also show that it can move away, or have access to a truth other than what his audience would expect.

See our blog post in French for the content of the book

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